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"An enlightening journey through the past 100 years of U.S. history"

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American History at Hollywood Speed

Remembering America's war in Vietnam

What did Americans experience during The Great Depression?  Why do historians regard 1962 as the most terrifying year in U.S. history?  How have "change elections" affected our way of life?

"U.S. History and Today" touches on every year since 1914 to highlight news and cultural events that changed the course of American history. While factually accurate throughout, this 3-hour presentation also showcases what Hollywood was doing in good times and bad, making this show as entertaining and memorable as it is educational.

"U.S. History and Today" is divided into two 1-hour chapters, each followed by questions and audience discussion. First conceived with community college students in mind, the presentation has evolved into an ideal show for college-based Lifelong Learning and Community Outreach programs.  

This pictorial tapestry of historically-rich images, Hollywood and television film clips, and memorable music is produced and presented by John LeGear, a Journalism graduate of Southern Illinois University (1978) who has dedicated his career to service for national not-for-profit organizations in the fields of education, nutrition and athletics. He travels the U.S. now presenting his American history story of the past 100 years at community colleges and state universities. 

Acknowledgement: We are indebted to all of the news gatherers, photographers, artists, producers and others whose work is reflected in the presentation we’ve cobbled together. We know of no better way to recount American history than to share their outstanding work with others, and we’ve acknowledged many of them along the way.