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Marketing and Management
Music moments from "U.S. History and Today"
   "U.S. History and Today"     
Live 2-hour presentation covering past 100 years of American history

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John LeGear (presenter)


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Chicago/Palos Hills, IL

For more than 30 years we've been providing marketing communications services and management support to health-conscious companies and national not-for-profit organizations. As marketers we help increase awareness to fuel growth. As management consultants we help improve efficiencies to streamline operations.

Today TimComm President John LeGear wears two hats: consultant and project manager for those who seek marketing and/or management services; and host of "U.S. History and Today," a 2-hour sound/slide presentation filled with dozens of video and sound clips from the news and entertainment industries that covers the past 100 years of American history. 

"U.S. History and Today" was first conceived as continuing education curriculum for community colleges. But it also serves well as a dynamic 2-hour multi-media presentation for a fundraising event for non-profits, notably veterans organizations and community groups.  non