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"The Memorable Series" 
"U.S. History and Today"...presented live!


John LeGear

Chicago/Palos Hills, Illinois

cell:  708-431-6919

E-mail: John@TimComm.com

Marketing and Management

Fore more than 30 years we have been providing marketing communications services and management support to health-conscious companies and national not-for-profit organizations. As marketers we help increase awareness to fuel growth. As management consultants we help improve efficiencies to streamline operations.

Today TimComm President John LeGear wears two hats: independent contractor to those seeking marketing and management services; and host of "The Memorable Series," a 2-hour sound/slide presentation spiced with Hollywood film, song and dance that he created and rolled out this year to serve as a fundraising vehicle for schools, clubs and social organizations, primarily within 150 miles of his home office in suburban Chicago.

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